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Online Bazi Class of East Chen Consultancy at a non rushing manner to ensure students can understood clearly of the system via a bi-monthly regular class.


It is a step by step approach that comes with vast examples for discussion that are designed to make you know the system of Bazi!


You will be learning in short,

  1. Zodiac(生肖)
  2. God & Goblin System (神煞)
  3. Day Masters (日元)
  4. Ten Gods (十神)
  5. Patterns (格局)
  6. The preferred elements (喜用)
  7. Analysis of Chart (批算)
  8. Application(应用)


The Lesson consists of 3 Scope & 25 Details Chapters,


Main Scope
1) Sky & Earth Code (天干地支)
2) Norm & Extreme Bazi Formation (正格从格)
3) Finding the right Element to use (用神取用)


Detail Chapter
1) Characteristics of Zodiacs
2) Clashing, Punishing, Breaking, Damaging
3) Gathering, Transforming
4) God & Goblin of Zodiacs
5) Characteristics of Day Masters
6) Battle between Day Masters
7) Transformation between Day Masters
8) Applying Zodiac relationship in Earth Codes
9) Applying Day Masters relationship in Sky Codes
10) Relationship of Earth & Sky in the 4 pillars
11) Plotting of Bazi Chart & Luck Pillars
12) Reading of Bazi Chart & Luck Pillars
13) Applying the Earth and Sky in Chart and Luck
14) The patterns in related of Day Masters.
15) Analysis the needed element of Day Masters.
16) Analysis of pattern with the families
17) Analysis of pattern in relationship with health
18) Analysis of pattern in relationship with wealth
19) Analysis of pattern in relationship with career.
20) Analysis of pattern in relationship.
21) Analysis of Day Masters to find needed and unwanted elements
22) Knowing Day Masters strength and weakness
23) Day Masters solutions
24) Applying solutions in Day Masters Life.
25) Linking solutions to Feng Shui arrangement


Students who complete the program is expected to have a good knowledge and skill of  “Bazi” assessments and analysis with an East Chen Feng Shui School “Entry Level” certificate awarded.


The time needed can be easily more than 1.5 year depending the progress of the “flow teaching modules”, to learn what Master Wesley wish to passed down, the “True Bazi”.


Those wishing to proceed further into “Advance Level” will need to clear an examination set by Master Wesley. Practical on sites exposure will be provided to ensure no going astray on the application that can caused harm rather then a help via Easy Chen’s subsidary “Qing Long Tang”.


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A step by step approach that comes with vast examples for discussion that are designed to make you know the system of Bazi!


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