Residential Feng Shui – Kitchen Feng Shui “家居风水-厨房风水”







Just want to decide the location of the Stove? No problem.


Send us your floor plan together with the three digits compass bearings (i.e North is 000, south is 180 in bearings etc) when facing the house from outside, under the sun.

We will send you the report and arrange a 10 mins explanation on the arrangement.

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Residential Feng Shui Consultation – “Kitchen Feng Shui Service”
1. Provide owner Bazi information and floor plan.
2. Residential Feng Shui Consultation – “Kitchen Feng Shui Service” will be answered by Master Wesley Lim.
3. Please fill in your name and contact number (Whatsapp) before placing an order.
4. After placing your order, you will receive a notification from the assistant within 3 days and you will be able to book the Residential Feng Shui Consultation service.
5. The service will take about 10 minutes to explain, all queries must be completed within the time limit.

1. 需要提供主人八字以及平面图。
2. 家居风水询问-厨房风水是由林雨生老师亲自解答。
3. 下单前请填写姓名,联系号码(whatsapp方式联系)。
4. 下单成功后将会在3天内收到助理的通知,并且完成家居风水询问-厨房风水服务的预约。
5. 此服务是以10分钟左右讲解, 过程中必须在限定的时间内完成所有疑问。


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